Approaching the 45th American Presidency


The following poem was published in Vancouver’s Westender yesterday…Thank you Westender!


Approaching the 45th American Presidency

I leave Planet Earth Poetry at Hillside Coffee
after listening to an enjambment of poets
fervently consider the current state of the American presidency,
and on my way home remember I need to prepare and marinate
the chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner,
                  that’s the chicken
I bought from Drumpf Meats earlier in the day that I thought (although
I didn’t ask) was fresh-fresh, but was in fact alternatively-fresh,
as I found remnant formations of ice crystals in the cramped cavity,
and the oblique neck, stuffed within, was polar-stiff,
and the gelid giblets, notably the orange-hued heart, was glacial-cold,
meaning this or more: that the bird hadn’t come straight from the abattoir
to its place behind glass, but had spent time in cryogenic rime,
and I remembered too,
                  that a chicken
can live without its head for an ungodly duration,
which beyond all reason,
made me approach the fridge
with unimpeachable apprehension.


  1. Finding an ‘alternatively-fresh’ response to your ‘unimpeachable’ imagination
    is hard to come by. Besides, nothing rhymes with ‘orange’!

  2. Bravo to poets! The chicken in Drumph Meats is living surprisingly long and caution in approaching the fridge is taken.

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