the self-estrangement you’re experiencing is normal

i assure you, the self-estrangement you’re experiencing is normal:
look around, your driveway is clean,
in your backyard there are squirrels and birds,
on the sidewalk people wave, say good morning,
the church on the corner is almost attended;
on the other side of the water,
barrel bombs fall, 50 or more a day,
blinded families, newly deaf, cry out,
bleeding children stumble in the street,
mothers breath chlorine gas,
ash and dust, mists of blood, never settle,
and you sing of mercy, write poetry,
to a sleeping god.


(The White Helmets  –  The Syrian Campaign)


  1. Sam, From the standpoint of orthodoxy, those two are the same question. Either God has everything in control or there is no God. I know the arguments, but from my little standpoint here on earth, the question is beyond me. I can wake up a believer and go to bed an atheist.

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