The Lord’s prayer with edits


Our God, who rides upon the heavens,
and hides in every human heart,
give us this day, a basement window,
and a haze of thin branches through
which to view a waning moon.
Give us morning cut from the night like a bright cloth,
and a sun that runs like a calf through a field of flax in bloom.
Give us strength for daily pain and reasonable gloom,
but deliver us from the kingdoms of power and glory
and lead us to a round table in a walnut room
with wine from water and the mystery
of intimacy and everyday friendship.
Give us this day, it is bread enough.


  1. Stephen – If I had had this Lord’s Prayer to recite every day for 5 years at morning assembly I might actually have learned the words! Very nice.

  2. Exquisite. Wonderful imagery and the simplicity of this type of spirituality — without burden of judgment and forgiveness — is comforting.

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