Trileigh Tucker–a Natural Presence

…because Antarctica’s ecology-on-the-edge helped me to understand that ohmyGod what an astounding creature any tree is; because my soul has been fed with utter wildnesses that have taught me better how to pray attention.

Almost two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Trileigh Tucker. I was at Sterling College in Vermont, in a group of ten souls attending the Wildbranch Writing Workshop, lead by poet Alison Hawthorne Deming.

Trileigh, a scientist who discovered years after her PhD in geology that her true vocation is natural history, travels to places like Antarctica with her camera and pen, takes pictures, writes and falls in love with our planet all over again. She’s a teacher, naturalist, artist, essayist, and to my mind something of a mystic-poet.

Here is a post that shows her love for small living things, her knack for waiting and capturing stunning moments, and her reflective depth. But then, most of her posts reveal this. Her blog is called Natural Presence.



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