Hope Mission, Cannes, DDB, Share Hope, Common threads

It’s not every day that Hope Mission is mentioned in the same breath as Cannes—that is, Cannes Lions (the International Festival of Creativity). Okay, perhaps not in the same breath, but mentioned at the same event. And if not specifically mentioned, well, it’s right there on the event’s website. The event I’m referring to is The ACE Awards, which was celebrated Saturday, March 24.

So here’s the connection: The ACE Awards, (Advertising Club of Edmonton) is an annual celebration of the best creative work produced in Edmonton. DDB—the agency behind Hope Mission’s new logo and brand refresh—in the category of Not for profit – Campaign, won for their imaginative work on Share Hope. As it happens, one of the judges for the event was also a judge at Cannes Lions; and another had her work recognized at Cannes. There you have it, Hope Mission’s brush with that internationally famous city on the French Riviera.

Alright, I’m stretching. True, Hope Mission doesn’t have much in common with Cannes. Then again, our association with DDB, the people who brilliantly pull reified concepts out of the air, have given us access to among the best creative minds in Edmonton; I venture to say, beyond Edmonton. And when it comes to getting the word out about a good cause—caring for hurting and homeless people, and compassionately caring for kids so as to prevent hurt and homelessness—how wonderful to be gratuitously helped by the best. In turn, I know Hope Mission has been inspired to do better, at what it does best.


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