Mercy for the earth—

Jessica Wallace is part of a small team of designers that build graphics over at They like to tackle all kinds of ideas and issues, render them visually accessible and interesting, and set them free in our wired world. Occasionally she sends stuff to Grow Mercy that she thinks might fit. Here’s one that does.

Oh, have you heard the news about climate change? Yes I know, the preponderance of information, news clips, bites, editorials, reasoned and questionable, good and bad, can smother our interest. We cool to the issue. I’ve quoted Flannery O’Connor before, but I’ve a fondness for her thought here: “To the nearly blind you draw with large startling figures, to the hard of hearing you shout.” Perhaps this is what a good info-graphic does for those of us who need reengagement.

Take a look. And I know they wouldn’t mind if you shared their efforts.




  1. Stephen,
    Thanks for sharing this. It is a great graphic shouting at all of us. I am always looking for examples of how different people express info on climate change via different media.


  2. ALAS ! Eons hence astronauts from elsewhere will descend on this planet looking for historic evidence of life.

    Meanwhile, until our final gasp, let’s make sure we have a healthy economy !

  3. Very vivid, Steve. But it leaves me with a question: what ways specifically should I change? Also, I don’t much like being shouted at. May I suggest another approach, exemplified by the folks at the Public Conversations Project. See I believe that we need to find solutions, but they will be part of the economy, however that looks. Environment and economy isn’t an either/or proposition.

  4. Thanks Sam, with the greatest of respect and charity could there be just a hint of evasion in your question…what specifically we should do is outlined in the magazines at our elbows, certainly as near as a click away…if we’re really interested. The objective of the infographic is not about this (although if the people of LearnStuff are reading this, perhaps a new graphic could explore actions) Well, I don’t suppose anyone likes to be shouted at…and really, shouting was my analogy, not everyone would see the graphic as this. I think it simply serves as a possible re-awakening to the plight of the earth. As far as ‘Public Conversations’ which by the way is now Doing Dialogue…it’s a good and necessary approach. (When I checked it out, out of the 29 features posts not one was on the environment…also there was no possibility to search the site…) Finally, regarding the economy and environment, yes, it’s not an either/or proposition, but with the particular view of the economy, as apparently our present government has, it certainly appears either/or. How else to read the environmental ‘streamlining’ Bill of a year ago… In light of this Sam, I’d like to answer your question on what specifically to do with encouraging you to stop supporting the Harper government:)

  5. Ok ok! I’ll do some research. And I already drive a small economical car. always have. I’m surprised that Public Conversations hasn’t tackled this one. And as for shouting, while I don’t like it coming at me, it’s the shouters that have gotten the attention of economics people to pay attention to the environment. Some of them are talking already. All the big oil companies take pains to describe how environment friendly they are. At least they’re more environment friendly than they used to be. As for Harper, one of these days he’ll do something that will be the last straw, I expect…

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