To my kids on Father’s Day

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Mark: moves through the world cutting a lyrical path of creative kindness. I’d say he’s simply the sweetest guy I know, if I knew it wouldn’t embarrass him.

Teryl: born among the stars, beautiful, brilliant, compassionate, open-handed, enduring. I love simply to stand in her shadow.

Justin: beneath the savant-esque geekologist resides an insightful and sensitive man. I’m in awe over both the cover and the book. 

Lucas: lasso’s life, dares it, loves laughter, feels deeply, defends the vulnerable, loves his own daughter so that drips off him. He’s my model here.

Michael: a storehouse of quirky perception, brooding intelligence and bizarre humour. And the best friend anyone could have.



(These pictures are already many years old…but are a few of my favourites)


  1. Having met two of your children, the descriptions of Mark and Teryl are accurate. I enjoyed them as students and continue to learn from them as I follow their passions on social media. Thank you for sharing this with us today.

  2. Aww.. That was great!! Thanks so much Dad!! Though I notice that the section entitled “Michael” was perhaps shorter than would’ve been ideal.. Also I notice that my karate skills escaped mention but… It being your special day I suppose I can let it slide… :). Love you so much Dad! Me and Japan miss you terribly!

  3. Perfect! (Except of course that the section on Michael was, as he’s already said, perhaps a little short). 🙂 Your kids are lucky to have you.

  4. How early did you notice these characteristics? I only ask because Felicity at 25 months amazes me with how quickly her vocabulary is growing and how much she observes and remembers.

  5. Hey Michael, well I didn’t want to get into your karate expertise cause then I’d have to mention your jujitsu championship, your aeronautics scholarship, your Mensa acceptance, and where would it all stop…?

  6. Ian, I can’t really remember…will have to consult Deb’s journal. I suspect if I asked your mom, she’d say you too were soaking it up at 25 months. At the same time, the thing that struck me, as I wrote the post, was the beautiful differences in each one of my kids, something that’s critical, as parents, to remember. Thanks Ian.

  7. Thanks Dad, this was a wonderful gift on Father’s day! And thanks for trying to keep the accolades equal, I mean otherwise Michael would never let us hear the end of it, bragging how he’s the favourite… 🙂 Miss you Mike. Lots of hugs.

  8. Teryl, you’ll just have to let Michael believe he’s the favourite – that’s what the rest of your dad’s siblings to for him. Just works best that way. But your dad does have great kids – so glad I’m related!

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