A sabbatical sigh

“In lethargy I revise myself. I loiter in the lily’s canal." -Rodney Jones

There is a sky-yellow blanket around my shoulders.
I sit cross-legged on the couch.
Breath breath breath.

The cans crushed under the foot of a picker are ten and eight.
The wind visited twice to slam the dumpster door.
One far away siren.

The earth tilts and spills tidewater in my bath.
My mind—the prow on a catboat—sails out.
Tack tack tack.

Passing by the refrigerator door, I note
the white board is wet and whistle-clean.
Last night I blew up my lists under a full moon.

I sounded a trumpet over all my newly decommissioned tasks.
I searched and found antonyms for assign and prescribe.
Uncover uncover uncover.

This morning I sink into the grand complexity of granola,
top soil, the glume of oats, the carapace of a Brazil nut.
the flesh of almonds, hazel eyes.

In the alley—the unassuming power of green shoots.
My entire future is afternoon tea,
with a friend.


  1. For sure Dad!! Have a good one!! Must say though, could never figure out why for everyone else it’s called ‘a vacation’.. lol.. just ribbin..
    Love and miss you Dad!!

  2. Love my entire future is afternoon tea, with a friend.
    Thanks for taking me in your space for a moment.
    I too am enjoying my new schedule. I love my new
    work wordrobe….jammies or workout clothes. My
    easy access to the kitchen. Now I just need to
    stop and have that afternoon with a friend.
    Thank for the reminder!
    Blessings to you and Deb.

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