Couture Culture – The ecumenism of dress

Christians from Tammy Faye (remember?) to Victoria Olsteen, from Benny Hinn to Canada’s own Paul (The Blessing) Melnichuk, know the persuasive power of dress. And now Islam is lifting its Jilbabs and slitting its Abayas and cocking down the catwalk into the domination of mono-couture.

"Some of the biggest names in couture, such as Christian Dior, are racing to produce Islamic-inspired attire that will tap into the spending power of Muslim women globally."

Aside from the accidental irony of Christian Dior making Muslim garb, and the not so accidental design of the western fashion industry rushing to offer Arab women the finery of the moment, I for one am on board.

Are we not all in thrall to fashion? Check. So here, perhaps, is were our faiths can draw together. Not in the mosques and cathedrals, temples and mega-churches, and God help us, not in the Sufi deserts or the Benedictine caves, no, instead…upon the great Runways of the world!

We will keep a few of our Theo-demarcations, but just beneath our spaghetti straps and silky folds we will be one: One in our devotion to impression, and our abrogation of, well, all that other religious stuff. And on these pillories we can build our new unity. The ecumenism of dress.


For small group discussion: How can one work through the tension of being couture-culture while not having the resources for a triannual trip to Milan or Lakewood Church?


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