1. Stephen……… I’m amazed…. it doesn’t matter what I read of yours, you’re saying things that my spirit connects to and says ‘yes, yes, yes’. Only thing is, you write it out for the world to be nourished by…. mine is still mostly hidden in my heart!

    Moved by the thought…. ” the way we answer the door is the way we deal with the world.” It’s true……

    I’m inspired that even in answering the door, I can choose to live my life more beautifully…. on earth as it is in heaven!

    For that’s my dream… on earth as it is in heaven, Thy Kingdom Come! Even at the front door.

  2. What you say about opening the door is inspiring, as we can “open the door” in many ways throughout our day. When I read this in the Journal, I also thought of Brother Andre, recently made a saint. He was a humble, barely literate doorman, who lived close to God and was used by God to perform miracles.

    Thanks also for the article on Halleluiah. To that, I can only say, “Halleluiah.”

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