Ann Coulter and University of Ottawa – Mimetic doubles

The demonstration and outrage at the University of Ottawa, that prevented Ann Coulter from making her address has backfired. She has, because of liberal outrage, been catapulted across the Canadian political horizon. Like this is something we need? What’s more, the hoo-ha has given Ezra Levant license to chastise Canada for its decaying decorum and disregard for free speech.

anncoulter Yes I suppose, as CTV’s Tom Clark described her, Ann Coulter is (how many times has she been described as this?) a lightning rod, that, well, invites lightning. And yes, while there is justification to do more than simply groan about her three-city tour, preventing her from speaking turns her visit into a hard-right victory lap.

She plays the politics-of-resentment game better than anyone. Didn’t vice-president Houle of the University of Ottawa, who sent Coulter the prescriptive e-mail think that she wouldn’t counter by charging the University with hate crime—as spurious as that is? Yes of course the irony is odious. She has left a contrail of volatilizable prate in her wake, all later defended as I-was-only-joking.

But the calamity is not Coulter’s visit. The calamity is that believers in liberal ideals have become her mirror double by scapegoating her. Scapegoating is her territory. Pinning the woes of the west upon "Godless liberals" is her wasteland. Why occupy it with her? Miss Coulter has, and will continue to craft her own undoing. Her own fashioned outrage, which she preens and polishes relentlessly, in the end, always shows itself flaccid. Left to her own hyper-hyperbole, she will always fall wide of the mark. Why legitimize her? She will justifiably banish herself.

If we want Ann Coulter and her "creed-screeds" to go away, let’s keep our fascination in check. Our eviction of Miss Coutler makes her out to be a victim of free expression, over which she salivates, and sells even more of her flak-tracts.

Ann Coulter is a brilliant strategist for her own cause; and it clearly is—for all her deference to the GOP—a Coulter-cause. And her Christianity, as far as I have seen, is at once pedantic and inscrutable. Still, she is highly intelligent, and in this she far less than she could be—as a Christian and a commentator.

What’s to be done? Let her come…then, let her leave.


  1. Let her speak, let her leave, yes. But don’t let her leave without being clear that her recommendation Muslims be barred from airlines and that they stick to flying carpets or camels is repulsive to Canadians. And never, never invite her back.

  2. The problem is that Ann Coulter doesn’t have the inner capacity to hear criticism. She finds herself entirely amusing and is fueled by the ether her incendiary prattle creates. Now what kind of personality is this? And as she avows herself a committed Christian, what streak or strain of Christianity do you detect here?

  3. That’s why you don’t invite her back, ever. Being clear that Canadians find her comments highly offensive isn’t about changing her (nothing will do that); it’s about sending a message to the rest of the world about ourselves: this isn’t something Canadians appreciate, or invite back.

    As to her brand of Christianity, I see nothing at all resembling what I know of Christianity, or any of the humility or compassion or love that are the cornerstones of all faith. What I do see is textbook narcissism.

  4. Sounds like she might find a home in Alberta…

    Seriously, and unfortunately, the cancellation of her appearance in Ottawa created a larger audience than she would have otherwise had.

  5. …sigh…

    well i mean, she is so sexy-looking

    …her name was daine baker when i first faced her on the playground in grade four. led our entire class with her full-charge punditry all the way through high school graduation. thirty years later standing at our reunion she walked up. it’s funny how you still duck in anticipation of a punch. turns out her greatest bragging right is now being a grade school sunday shool teacher. all i could think was, o f**k, god help those kids. culture’s a funny thing, not often examined in our own hearts. all of us as self-righteous as diane. and naive. and maybe even damned. and i want to think that i broke away from those narrow-minded imbiciles i had to sit next to for a couple of decades. but look! easter’s upon us. and i think that this sunday i’m gonna set up a water cooler at the front of the church. those who have ears to hear, let them hear. do i believe that even daine is welcome to say at some point in her life, i’m thirsty?

    …you bet…


    (i apologize for being so honest)

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