Spring’s First Day

Wendy Morton’s poetry is earthy and honest. Tend to it, and it germinates and sprouts at your feet.

Here’s a poem and picture honouring our vernal equinox.



Everywhere: foxglove, honesty, horsetail, swamp lanterns.
In the back woods, the wild currant is in bloom.
And the spiders, who live in windfalls and nurselogs,
spin their webs that hold the earth’s story:
alder catkins, dandelion seeds, maple wings,
damsel flies, waterstriders, salt.
They guard the earth’s salty web.


  1. Once again Wendy Morton has captured the mystery of springtime
    in this lovely, lyrical poem! Reading this makes me long for our promised
    April buddings here in Ontario.
    Thank you Wendy- keep writing!

    Mary Ann Mulhern

  2. Wonderful poem, Wendy. And a reminder that soon the brown prairies will also have
    catkins, foxglove, water striders…. Thank you!

  3. Ahh, Wendy … you capture the essence of Spring in a few well-chosen, magical words. Thank you for sharing this precious gift and filling us with anticipation for what is yet to come in “earth’s story”.

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