Here with love

Dad and guitar2

He came here with a love
carved a patch of ground out scrub poplar and willows
dug a dugout
drove posts in stony soil
played his guitar at dusk
at twilight wandered far venues
met hazel eyes
loved her
wrestled together a house

he came here with love
drew out children from that patch of ground
gave, prayed
laughed, yodeled, laughed
mulled, lingered
cried, stood resolute, pained
moved, came back to lands nape
made deep furrows in its lap
planted his flesh
left a grove of love

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  1. That was beautiful. Funny about the album too…. I was telling Dan about some old photos I remember. I thought Mom still had it. So can you somehow scan or copy those old photos and share them? Again Steve, I love your writings

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