So saunter already

walking_sticks_cabin Friday’s here and with that my weekly Vue Weekly purview.

Of particular import is this week’s Well, Well, Well, column. (Can you tell yet I’m a fan?) Ah, but especially this week. It’s right up my perambulating alley.

Check it out here. Then grab your scrambling stick and get your butt outside…and promenade, saunter, or just stroll your way to well-ness.

Oh, and here are a few pics of last weeks hike down to Mystic beach. (with Deb, my sis Joanne, & Dan)

P1080295 []

P1080331 []

P1080293 []

P1080314 []


P1080289 []

mysticswing []


  1. hey, we never did that trail on our sunday excursions!!! what a great outing, and some great pics……is that the deb i met, if so pass on my love. if not, pass on my love.

    am holed up in Yreka, northern california with a tranny needing attention (ouch, mr. visa will have to take care of this one) and headed home (i’m not sure where home is anymore, i’m beginning to think it’s simply Mother Earth).

  2. Scout!! Yes it is the Deb you met! I still remember sitting in a room on the floor with you at your house on island, watching our kids swing, hiking to the beach…

    Be well and may your tranny find healing without too much cost!

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