1. Your reflection, as always, is beautifully written. I’m a big fan of radiant appliances – our new four slice toaster, for instance, has changed our Saturday routine dramatically. As you describe hidden mysteries, I’m busy thinking about my next appliance (to be precise, a media extender so I can play content from my computer on my TV. Justin, can you help here?). So thanks for fetching me from denial for awhile. Which leads to my concern: Why is it that the spiritual walk seems to inch along? I haven’t been to church for several years, but I believe a return visit would be as if I’d never been away. Why do we always have to press the reset button and remind ourselves that we are but worms? Where’s the increased insight, power, influence and all those cattle on a thousand hills (oh yeah, Benny Hinn snapped those up, didn’t he?) So I have a suggestion that would help communicate the levels one can attain along the spiritual path. How bout a belt system. Of course you, my friend, will own the black one – the rank of expert.

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