The earth finds us

It was still cold this morning, but the Healy Ford rabbits were chasing each other all around and under the new cars and trucks like they sensed the bubbling up of spring.  I stopped and watched this crumple of urban and natural life.

There is something bizarre, not quite right, but necessary, about white-from-winter jack-rabbits playing among red Escorts. It’s like no matter how far we remove ourselves from the soil, no matter how much speed and steel we build around us, the earth finds us. And this morning I loved those rabbits for pointing this out.

Clouds at Crimson Lake640

Standing on the sidewalk in the morning half light, I got lost in their pell-mell chase. And if it wasn’t for the car horn–was it directed at me?–I’d still be there. Yea, I’m ready for spring.


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