Proroguing all the way, Oh what fun…

Between the artery-splitting incomprehensible invective of Stephane Dion, and the increasingly toxic blasts of Stephen Harper–whose glaring vitriol has him seeing flags where there aren’t any, and not seeing them where they are–it’s Jack Layton who comes across as statesman. Perhaps it’s the prospect of having an actual cabinet position within the newly-minted coalition. Such new territory for him that he hasn’t yet picked up the coinage.

But I’m afraid, even without considering the latest comments of Gilles Duceppe, the coalition is an unsettling idea. Even though it’s not, as Harped on, undemocratic.

At this point, the merciful option may be to prorogue parliament. (Prorogue-hard to enounce without a marble under one’s tongue–but how readily it has slid into our lexicon.)


Yes, proroguing is an obvious gettin’ outta town after sundown–a cut and run, after a colossal Conservative blunder. But Grow Mercy likes to re-story proroguing as sending the lot of them to their room until they find a new narrative for citizens. Remember when government was understood to exist exclusively for it’s citizens?

Now every head bowed, every eye closed, as we pray they emerge to play fair. Amen.


  1. It’s all a bit of a joke, isn’t it? I think the leaders of all of the parties that run in B.C. are cartoonish buffoons.

    Harper’s a greedy wolf in Ward Cleaver clothing; Dion is a flustering stumblebum who has NOTHING in common with westcoasters; Layton is a whiny ferret desperate to “punch above his weight”; and May, sorry to say, would look better on a nickel.

    And, to add to the surreal nature of it all, we have this procedure where the foreign born black woman gets called back from foreign soil so the Shellac haired one can ask for her permission for an extra long bathroom break.

    I’m off to Vegas to do my best to singlehandedly kick start the U.S. economy through a series of unwise transactions. Hell, it’s as good a plan as any I’ve heard.

    It’s like letting the kids decide when they can go to bed.

  2. …it’s all enough to make me want to join the Marajuana Party.

    …oh…uh…that’s right, I DID join the Marajuana Party.


  3. Somebody said “Prorogies – isn’t that some exotic food from the west?”

    Dan, Steve et al – take a moment during your southern sojourns to spare a thought for us snowbound snowbirds.

  4. yes, all the cry babies are being sent to their chambers to ‘wah wah wah’ and perhaps a mommy and daddy will come around to hug them while they lick their wounds.

    what did harper expect? he’s a kid playing with matches, although a very clever kid….it’s just that canadians have this naive notion that nothing could ever be done wrong in this nation. but then the history books aren’t the first to mention the largest genocide (and continuuing) in the world with First Nations people, the eugenics programs…..or even that canada had two ships in the gulf, pronto, when bush declared his preemtive war. the rcmp were hired by the states to train iraquis how to be cops (this took place in jordan), yet canadians think we’ve had nothing to do there.

    a coalition forms and the nation is put on freeze (how apprapos for the great white north). we can now be put under marshall law a la harper.

    perhaps it’s best…this coalition (when really all it is is re-hashed parliamentary system, which has to go). we COULD move to a truer democracy if canada crumbles.
    hmmmm….a new dessert treat – canadian crumble – made with goose berries?

  5. Blood on our hands and shoes…every nation that uses violence and scapegoating exclusion to define itself over and above other humans, without fail, will fall. I’ll take my Canadian Crumble a la mode.

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