Step by Step Hike

Thick morning fog couldn’t restrain the sun. And frost, thick as felt, melted off the green metal chalet roofs and came down in small rivers. The bus ride up Sunshine mountain took us into a white world that would return to full colour that afternoon.

We were here to take part in the Step by Step — On Top of the World for Schizophrenia fundraiser hike.

We climbed, walked, wandered, scanned sky and rock and valley, and watched where we put our feet. We bunched up, or fell back for a solitary moment. We took pictures that never captured anything close to the moment.

Like Itchycoo Park, it was all too beautiful. (Yes, you can touch the sky there, and yes, you can get naturally high there.)

Thank you to organizers, Colleen Scissons, Carol and George Perkins, and others. (Here’s to reaching your fundraising goal) And thank you to Kent and Tash Werner (guides extrordinaire) and our hosts Glen and Liz Werner.


View pictures on the Front Porch. Look for the Sunshine Meadow album in the nature category.


  1. It was truly a marvelous day – the out-of-doors, the people – family and old and new friends – and the cause. I echo your words, Steve.

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