Further adventures of Brian

Brian will never pay the $110 fine he got last night for riding the subway without a ticket.

Brian image2Brian will never find a job. Well, he’ll never look for one in order to find one. He will spend his days begging and if he’s late to the shelter, he’ll spend his nights outside-like last night. In fact I know that when he’s dressed for it he prefers outside.

Last night Brian slept in the ribbon of park that runs through Railtown. And–not being dressed for it–this morning he was deep-chilled, holding in what heat remained by wrapping his arms around himself. That’s why when I first saw him I was concerned he was hurt, or had been beat up, and was relieved that he was only cold. I’ve seen Brian is various states of repair and disrepair and Maybe it was the day but his bundled appearance must have appealed. Within the space of 10 minutes he had a hot coffee–from a nurse he informed me–and enough change from myself and two women in a van to buy a good breakfast.

The day was a self-starter and Brian welcomed the bounty. But good luck to the Commission in collecting their levy.

Happy are those who consider the poor;
…they are called happy in the land. (Psalm 41)

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  1. when the world acknowledges the dignity and worth of every human person then the kingdom will have come

    Brian’s story reminds us how far we need to go before Jesu’s gospel will have been fulfilled

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