1. Dear Mr. Berg: I just wanted to thank you for the article you wrote in the journal on Saturday. I too believe that it is time for religions to break free from the constraints of a male- dominated image of God. We need to move forward, we need to mature in our understanding of God. Your words are true and hopeful and I thank you once again for sharing your insights.

  2. I appreciated your Offerings article in yesterday’s Journal. You described clearly some of the reasons why I believe we need a female role model and presence in the Godhead. I wondered if you are familiar with the work of Jann Aldredge-Clanton. She believes that the Sophia aspects of God were applied to Christ theology. She uses the name “Christ-Sophia” in teaching and liturgy.

    Because of the importance of naming, I think that we will have a hard time seeing female images in God unless we find a name that is not male. Both God and Christ are so totally male in our perceptions that I am interested in studying the possibility of using Christ-Sophia. I would be interested in any comments you have on this subject.

  3. My journey has been one of ‘Finding Mother God’. Thank you for affirming this journey which I feel many women are on and which many men need to find. Coming from a male this article will carry a certain weight that it would not have if written by a female – sad but I feel true.

  4. I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this. I want you to know that I appreciated your article “It’s time to find the mother in God.” It was well written and well thought out. It is so good to see an article such as this written by a man.

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