Hope and happiness of a new year

We turn towards the hope of a new year and no matter how disheartened we are from past experiences we hope again. We adjust the sails to try and catch a new breeze or to try and get a better angle on a familiar wind.

We are all acquainted with the doldrums, that belt of stagnant air between the hemispheric trade winds. We also remember meeting confusion and anger when caught in cyclones. What we desire and what is right to desire is that zephyr-like wind that both refreshes and moves us deep into our givenness.

Puget Sound That said, here’s some Grow Mercy sail adjustments for 2008: Just a preliminary qualifier–You’ll recognize that I have yet to deliver myself from a certain romanticism, nevertheless, don’t dismiss the notion that we are free only when doing what the deepest self likes, even though, as D.H. Lawrence has said somewhere, “Knowing what the deepest self likes, ah, that takes some diving.”

So, to the the diving and to the jibing: Go deep. Do the work. Let go of the rest. Look to your faith, look to your passion, and to your strength. If there is such a thing as a gift, try to use it up, even though, if it’s a true gift, it will never be exhausted. Don’t hold anything back. Let it take you, let your gift lead you. It knows the way.

After all, we are after the freedom that brings happiness. Not to desire happiness out of a bend belief that it’s a fickle and inferior human state is morbid. In any case, secretly at least, we all desire happiness as part of everything we do.

And happiness is what I desire for my children and their children. Happiness, never as task master, but ever always as companion. Like having the best kind of flower-child for a friend.

Happy New Year!

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