Writing mojo and blogger block

In response to a welcome comment about my ailing writing mojo…

I say, blogger block is nothing like tennis elbow.

Repeatedly hitting that yellow ball with all the hard heat you can muster like some kind of banshee possessed Borg is sure to injure tendons and jeopardize a future in the court.

Serial blogging on the other hand can juice you up. Ideas domino and sometimes all you can do is write as fast as possible hoping they don’t disappear out an open window before you trap them on your screen. These are the flood light times.

moonflower But dark times don’t necessarily dull the edge either. Dark provides a different space and like the moonflower whose blossom opens in the evening and lasts all night, dark can inspire a magical crystalline beauty.

No, the thing that flattens the creative from blogging to badminton is living too long in the swamp–that sloughy semi-sleepless cycle of as-good-as-it-gets exhaustion that has you believing that life is a zero-sum game and left-overs are plums to be picked over.

Project revisited: So what invigorates, energizes, what gives you a sliver of new light. What opens a flower?

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  1. What gives me a sliver of light? Some days Feist, most days words from my husband, or my friend, or my brother, or a reader or another writer, some days whipping cream (today)…and some days absolutely nothing. Some days I just stay in the swamp.

  2. -the beauty of nature, laughter and dancing with friends, long walks, a good book, family, time with my hubby and good chocolate

  3. The result which comes from acting on the decision that neither work nor other commitments I have are so demanding as to prevent my checking of the Growmercy blogger

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