Sinead O’Connor Graceful Voice

…some delightful and interesting thoughts and quotes about Sinead O’Connor’s new CD, Theology

She wanted her songs to convey the benevolent side of God as opposed to “this rumored angry war-making God” who “gets libeled every day.”

“There’s a lot that’s beautiful about religion,” she said. “It’s just you get some … nutters that misinterpret it.”

I was steered to this by my sis-in-law Rose. Reading it, I did remember the tremours set off by Sinead O’Connor’s ripping up the Pope’s picture all those years ago.

It was a fustian bit of stage play. But everyone’s entitled an occasional outburst against church intransigence and the power structures that keep it hide-bound. And the theologynewCatholic church (Fundamentalist church as well) still has a life-sucking unregenerate side that needs poking at.

 I suspect Sinead’s approach has not softened, just matured. And in this it has become rich, graceful,  compelling and powerful.

This is the way James Alison approaches the necessary changes in the Catholic church. Already a graceful thorn under the church’s armour, his voice will work its truth slowly into the seams and rivets until all that rusty shit falls away.  Glory!  Perhaps the same thing is going on in the Evangelical church through voices like  Brian MacLaren and Tony Campolo.


  1. “his voice will work its truth slowly into the seams and rivets until all that rusty shit falls away. Glory!”

    I guess my metaphor unmixing needs more stirring

    ‘their voices will work the truth slowly into the canals and orifices of stopped up ears till all the gungy ear wax falls away. Selah!’

    perhaps your way of saying it was better

    because the reverberations of a voice of sonic proportions just might be able to loosen the rviets and knock the sh- out of the seams after all

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