Spiritual Formation and Briercrest

My hour with the Spiritual Formation class–a diverse group, ages, backgrounds, professions–was actually a delightful experience. And I know Deb’s presentation of the Enneagram was great…many comments.

I talked about Benedictine spirituality and mindfulness, and on spiritual disciplines. I was encouraged by the reception and the questions.

One question–a hard one–was whether I thought my spiritual formation, my Benedictine path, was making me a better person.

How do I measure that? I did find something like an answer. In 1984, when I began volunteering in Edmonton’s inner city, I was out to save people…but I didn’t really see people. Today, that agenda is gone. I can no longer fathom seeing people as ministry opportunities. I see them, like I see myself, simply and profoundly human, trying to make sense of this world and our place in it.


To a certain sectarian view of Christianity I have lost my way. I think I’m finding it.

Thank you Briercrest Seminary and everyone in the Formation class. (For anyone interested in references or whatever, I’ve posted my presentation in the Benedictine Journey page.)

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  1. I think we need to balance both views. On one had you are saved or not, on the other we all are sinners. At least that is how I go about my missions work. I know some people are lost, and I will present the gospel to them 1000 times, but my goal is not to save them (only God can do that) it is to share the answer I have found to the questions they are asking and then pray that what I said does not lead them further away from God.

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