Andrea House and Friends

One day, in a conversation with Andrea, I discovered that I knew her as a nun in a previous life. And it came to me that it’s not really surprising she is amazingly talented and big hearted. It’s like a former lifetime of contemplation has ripened, flowered and now flowed over into this one.

Unfortunately for me my former life as a domestic prelate had the opposite effect.andreah

In any case, and to the point: the "Andrea House and Friends" fundraising event was sold out. Deservedly so. Andrea and friends were wonderful.

Hopefully, for Andrea (Acupuncture Works) and the Change for Children people, who are heading off to Nicaragua to provide health care services to the children of the Pajahito Azul orphanage in Managua, Nicaragua, they will have raised the resources they need.

Of course you can still donate online at Change for Children. (Just select Nicaragua projects and comment that it’s for Andrea House. Should do the trick.)

By the by, Andrea has a very infrequent Myspace blog. However, her performance notices are mailed out. Unfortunately you need a Myspace account for this. But the upside of signing-up is that you can listen to some of her music.

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