Evangelicals and the ‘gay thing’

I was reminded of this writing because of some of the reactions to the recent same-sex vote in Canada.

Evangelicals and the ’Gay Thing’ was written a year and a half ago, ostensibly for a writing class but primarily because of some things that had been rattling around inside for a time and needed airing.

Escape by Rene Capone
escape Rene Capone

Quite naturally I’ve had mixed reactions from the people who have read it. My favorite response however was from James Alison who said: "Much enjoyed – and very moved… May your word spread and touch hearts!"

But perhaps equal to this was the fact that a couple of creative and provocative friends placed an edited version of the essay on the front page of a newsletter that was then distributed at an anti-gay political rally. (Apparently the newsletter was also dropped off at a couple of select evangelical churches.)

The point of the essay however was not to agitate, but to trace my personal change of heart and offer an opinion and an impression, and perhaps, to touch a heart.

Above all, this essay is dedicated to my brother-in-law Carl, who died ten years ago this past month.

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  1. Great essay Steve (I just read it again)….of course I think you’re right about our twisted way of receiving gay people into the church (love the sinner, hate the sin)… which is the same as saying “we think you not only sin (which we at least apply to the rest of us), but we think your sexual make-up is wrong, and it needs fixing.” I wonder how those within the fold would respond to not being allowed to be active and respected because they’re wired to, say for example, jealousy, and they keep falling into it despite their best efforts? Or for an inability to take the bible seriously if the expectation is to understand it as a literal text? (….actually, come to think of it, I do know what that one feels like). Anyhow, I’ll be passing your essay on to some friends again.

  2. For reasons I don’t understand, I can’t pull up your essay. Is there a way to forward the essay via email? Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

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