Well, Well, Well

Connie Howard writes a health column (Well, Well, Well) for Vue Magazine. Her well researched pieces always stimulate, enlighten and guide without haranguing. (Unlike some of our mothers and doctors.)

While credit is given were it is due, Connie also reveals how too often we are, or can be, bushwhacked by our own medical and pharmaceutical systems. Her articles inject some much needed balance here, sometimes exposing motives and always asking critical questions.

What I do love about Well, Well, Well, is that she almost always finds the upside of an issue and takes time to give permission–which we seem to need these days–to do what we should be doing; or what we’ve forgotten to do about our health.

For example, here’s a thought from this weeks column.

…keeping our brains working well to the end involves a lot more than a diet rich in the right kinds of fats and antioxidants, and these are fun, conventional and completely safe things: mental stimulation such as reading, writing, debating or venting; physical stimulation such as dancing, walking, biking or any sport you enjoy; socializing, laughing, drinking tea and red wine.

You can read the entire column here.

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