Bunker or Trellis?

We have an addictions treatment program at our mission and there's a renewed vision it. Our men's centre manager and chaplains are embarking on a shift of direction. Not everything is in place or solidified of course but the early trajectory seems right.

In something less than a nutshell, my own nutshell at that, the new shift is about allowing the guys on the program to grow up. Instead of controlling the movements of men in recovery through regimentation and moderate to high structure, the idea here is to invest time and care into lives through creating an environment of supportive responsibility. So for example, as early as possible, a guy on the program will be given a set of tasks or inserted in an appropriate avenue of work within the mission. In other words, given responsibility earlier than later.

The program's structure, if you want to call it that–perhaps trellis is a better metaphor–is under girded by a component of tough-nosed mercy. What this means is that the lattice-work, the trellis, has open areas that allow for the possibility of failure. But these open areas are also spaces to breath, and so, space enough to learn from failure. If you'll allow me, "re-trusting" might indicate something of the direction here.

Overall, the shift is more fluid, and as such, risky. But the possibilities for real growth are exponentially elevated.

Think about it. If you where in a program, would you want a bunker or a trellis?

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