James Alison, Atonement Thoughts

If you read my Open Letter to Christianity Today post, you'll quickly see that I am not a theologian. James Alison is however. Another theologian James F. Keenan (Theology Chair, Boston College) has said this about James Alison, "Not since C. S. Lewis has an English Christian summoned his readers into such holy conversations. Like a very familiar companion, he intimately discloses his understanding of the Gospel and Christian faith and their themes of life, forgiveness, fidelity and love. No other theologian so refreshes my faith."

I've read almost everything James Alison has written and wholeheartedly agree with Prof. Keenan about James Alison's intimacy with the gospel. I have also had the privilege to correspond with James over past two years and have learned of his affable and gracious spirit.

I thank James for giving me permission to post his essay, "Some Thoughts on the Atonement", on Grow Mercy. This was a talk he gave in Brisbane Australia two years ago. I've learned that a modified version of that talk will be included as a chapter in his forthcoming book, “Undergoing God: dispatches from the scene of a break in” (DLT London, Continuum New York). The book will be published in this autumn.

I look forward to James Alison's new book. This essay on atonement will give you a taste of his conversational yet penetrating style. But don't stop there. Pick up any of his books, from his earlier work, "Knowing Jesus", to "On Being Liked". You will find within, as Richard Rohr OFM has said, "Intellectual dynamite and spiritual joy."

Click here for, "Some Thoughts on the Atonement" PDF.

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