The Psalm of Humpty Dumpty


praise with sounds of accordion and kazoo
praise with pots, pans, chicken dance too
praise with lute and lyre, the loons and liars
praise empire and emperor
          (ochre-topped-sprat stocking the global swamp)
praise the diamond-eyes and mouse-eared minds
          of the new plutocracy
                   and the coffin of democracy
praise the clay feet of Wall Street; the sallow heart of Walmart
praise Exxon and Chevron, Johnson & Johnson, GE and Disney
         boneyards of benevolence
                  greedifiers, anesthetizers
                           fathers of Godzilla-consumers
praise the paper men down at the Pentagon
         comparing their missiles, tanks, and penises
praise Putin, Jong-un and the last POTUS
praise history’s allegiance to the victors
                           its footnote for the vanquished
praise the neo-liberals prostituting for the mega-corps
praise the washed-out left; and the washed-in-righteousness right
praise the lineage of lost leaders who birthed the great Symptom
                          believe me, the very greatest
praise pro-life, lethal injection, and environmental vivisection
praise Focus on the Family, the anti-gay lobby and America’s gun hobby
praise everlasting Guantanamo and the private prison archipelago
praise Fox, Breitbart and The Rebel; praise Beck, Ezra and Bill O’
praise CNN, MSN, NYT and the WaPo
         and all the mainstream journalists who forgot long ago
                  that journalism means descent, not advertising revenue
praise the instant image, where neither nuance nor context cohere
praise every half-witted fabri-fact on every so-called social stage
praise the universal University teaching what to think, never how,
         because how-thoughts are hard and should be left
                  to the one with the greatest brains and the very best words
praise thick-witted hair-trigger action and the expiration of contemplation
praise the fundamental end of wonder, mystery and the life of the soul
praise Christ and him crystallized
praise the gospel of affluence and the inevitable mega-church
praise the Eucharist concession, the con-transubstantiation
         the body turned to Twinkies, the blood to Cola-slurpees
praise Jesus of Washington, called on behalf of the star-spangled blazers,
         called to bless each war, ban every Muslim
                  and bury every Standing Rock
                           which keeps him very busy
praise the doctrine of sovereign impunity
praise the great wall and the cracks to come
         praise Humpty Dumpty
                  all praise the great fall
                           rushing to crush us all


  1. “blessed be the friut…” And still I want to practice, believe – resistance as something other than futile.

  2. Thank you for this Stephen. As I travel in Africa and other international locations and at U.N. conferences, it is clearly obvious that the rest of the world has lost respect for the U.S. and is indeed, laughing at the “leadership” (cough, cough) in Washington D.C. It is embarrassing and frustrating as we witness the destruction of so many international relationships and regulations that were once put in place based on lessons learned about what we did wrong in our country.

  3. Praise the candle-flame of obstinacy in we the people in our gerrymandered, prostituted space-time, battling despair.

  4. All the king’s men and all the king’s horses couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again, so looking eastward there could be a dawning of……

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