People out there like you


When we walked near the incoming tide and a light wind was exaggerating the waves
and it was nearing dark and everything seemed as close as the sound of pebbles in the surf,
I swore I saw a light on the far side of the strait that shone into another world.

I remembered then it sometimes happens that angels appear as lighthouses,
their wings opening and closing on their big bright hearts, and I remembered too,
that they can hide in the flying hair and the folds of coats of these beach walkers.

Sometimes the inner beauty of every person you pass is endless, and you are blessed
by the slightest glance and you remember that all humanity will be one day saved.

And then sometimes, it’s impossible to comprehend the cruelty of people,
and you jump at the sound of a runner, and despair our contagious madness.

So how wonderful to know there are people out there like you,
how beautiful to be blessed by your slightest glance,
to not help but shine like a beacon when you walk by,
and to know that that other world, can be this one.


  1. there are many mythologies of angels, and more sightings than of devils, and what the heart hopes to see in the sky or walking beside us in a forest is someone like we have seen before, the kind of being we may become, separated by our “hindsight” from angels inside. and some of them walk beside us as you say, we know them personally. rooms are lit up with them +++

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