Thresholds – Edmonton Poetry Festival 2016


Let me break with regular posts to offer this plug—as I’m honoured to host this event, which is part of the 2016 Edmonton Poetry Festival:

Thresholds: Seven poets, one visual artist, and a musician


Dave Von Bieker, Lisa Martin,  Dawn Carter, Kim Mannix, Edward van Vliet,
Stephen T Berg, Kelly Shepherd, Wenda Salomons, Lora Jol,


2:30 PM,  Sunday,  April 17, 2016

St. Faith’s Anglican Church

11725 93rd Street,  Edmonton, AB

Entrance by donation. Donations will go to support The Bleeding Heart Art Space 

Thresholds asks you to pause, consider, linger in the spaces between the seen and the unseen—the between, between being and Being.

Thresholds brings you poems secured as booty from raids on the unsayable; odes picked up in the wakes of wandering souls; aubades from the silvery kiss of night and day, light and dark; elegies found at the boundaries of body and spirit, time and timelessness, matter and the immortal; poems retrieved from the trembling rim of the ecstatic “O”; pastorals recovered at the picket fence of the house of an ageing angel; verse from the end of a shaft of light coming in through a narrow chink in an old shed; sonnets that sit at the gate of silence, and do silence no harm; poems that hike the thin places, that dance in the face of death, and breathe as though death was undone; poems that brush the Beyond and oil the squeaky hinge of the inner life.

We’d love to see you there! 


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