My Morning Meditation


Having assumed a lotus pose and moved within,
having dug out the rot of resentment,
having burned the chaff of envy,
ploughed the hardpan of procrastination,
extracted the clots of cynicism—so to
bust up that little inner-party of vanity—
having navigated the warrens of the dissipation
the labyrinth of covetousness—to
come out clean on the other side—
having laundered the sweatpants of sloth
and burned the roots of rancour, leaving only
the ashes of my worldly-self, which will blow
away in the winds of dawn—having done all this,
I want to get up from this couch a changed man!
What will happen,
is that I will get up from this couch.


  1. To get up from my chair to dispose of the weight of those clots of cynicism – it’s a strain. Ashes would be lighter.

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