Finally, there is no moral tide,
that rises on either side.
Blood is blood and what is blood in war,
but an end to all means to an end.

Shed enough of it,
and the object of that titular cause,
however just, will vanish,
leaving only an escalation to extremes.

After this, only the lie remains.
Are we forever murderers?
Shall I shoot down my enemy,
call it victory?

I want my enemy to see the green,
after this grey rain.
See the stillness of the leaves in these woods,
feel its enchantment.

I want him to be anointed by the sun,
have crops that spill from bins,
see his children play under the blue spruce,
where this yellow warbler sings.

I want these blessings to shower my enemy
until by sheer weight,
the shells jailing our souls are shattered,
and my enemy might be my friend.

There is no politics, no decree, no treaty,
that heals.
There is no science, no technique, no bullet,
that kills hate.

Only missiles
of mercy,
only an invasion of compassion,
only the occupation of love.

Today marks 100 years since the start of the first world war.