Upon hiking Three Sisters Creek in Canmore





Three Sisters Creek


Rocks like flung rosaries,
water like sparkling wine,
white between willows,
and bluebells,
and the sun shattering
through trees,
across our bowing backs.


Rocks like prayer beads,
sliding through the fingers
of ancient sisters,
in praise of waterfalls
and blue-winged warblers,
compelled to cry out,
at the silence of disciples.


Rocks beneath tangles of trees.
Our boots creaking across
our own uprooted lives,
yet consoled by voices
of vesper sparrows,
wild violets,
and rocks
that hum and sing hymns
under these waters.

Canmore Three Sisters Creek4


  1. How beautiful, Stephen..the words and the pictures and what a poignant reminder to stop and notice the beauty, even in the everyday.

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