Hope Mission goes to new heights for the homeless

It’s the first time we’ve had people risk a nose bleed to raise meals for Hope Mission!

It’s our annual Radiothon and Chris and Jack from CISN have spent the night, and now half the day on top of a massive crane—in the air at a dizzying 103 feet.


Why you ask? The idea here is that for each $1000 donated the crane is lowered one foot, until, hopefully, they’re safely on the ground.

The goal is $103,900. Yes, it’s lofty, in more ways than one, but we know that a city of our compassionate stature can come through.

At this time, we’re over halfway there. And the platform on top of the crane is over halfway down, but Chris and Jack are still in that vertigo-risk range. Please help them down.

More importantly, if you can, please consider helping the homeless, hurting and hungry people Hope Mission serves.


  1. Neat stuff. The guy who head the mission in Regina will sleep on a roof for a week. I’m thankful today that I’ve never been homeless.

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