Place your hurt upon this stick

place your hurt upon this stick
throw it out upon the river
let the river take it

let it go in the desert
in the dry waiting air
let the wind bear it away

clap it in a shell
stand on the shore
and watch the tide tow it under

now lift the lid from your soul
and let a new thing
rain in

tomorrow you may find
yourself again, at the river
the desert, the sea

but over the slow roll of moon
you will gently rise
to return for a new reason




  1. Thinking about this … I remember talking to someone once who had suffered a great loss, and described it as having a hole in her heart. My first instinct was to wonder with her how the hole might be filled, but better wisdom stepped in as I realized that this hole needed to be stepped around and honoured greatly because of the greatness of the loss. This person has found the means to continue living, but he lives with the hole. Something new has “rained in” but no tide has carried the hurt away. I stand in awe of such courage.

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