National Volunteer Week – Volunteers add heart and soul to the work of HOPE


This fine looking group of volunteers are from DDB. You may have heard me talking about this organization before: having harnessed their creative savvy and exquisitely applied it in refreshing Hope Mission’s look and brand, then, handing it all over gratis—leaving us ever grateful, and glowing-at-the-centre—have also plunged in, hand and limb, to serve meals…along with those bright smiles.

But its not only DDB that I want to acknowledge here on this 71st anniversary of National Volunteer Week: because Hope Mission has an entire village of tried and true volunteers; (Per week, something like 200 contributing over 600 hours of service!) without which, the spreading and sharing of hope would be hampered and hamstrung. For you see, our volunteers bring along their hearts with their hands, adding inestimable soul to the work of Hope, which—as the new logo conveys—embodies our Mission.

And now, to all volunteers, not only those at Hope Mission, Grow Mercy sends beaucoups of bouquets!

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