Give us wine

And wine that maketh glad the heart… Psalm 104


Give us, O Lord, for the politicians who keep their word,
the wine of wonderment.
Then Lord, give us the wine of honest reflection,
for all of us who suppose politicians are corrupt
in some special way that we are not.

Give us the wine of forgetfulness for slights and oversights,
for all the disappointments we carry under our shirts like iron filings.
Then give us the pure wine of remembrance,
for all the gentle people we have found.

Give us, O Lord, the wine of courage to cast off what is worn,
to quit what we can no longer add to,
to release what is joyless,
to nurture the neglected gift,
to blow-clean the dust-laden dream,
to wait for tulips, to watch swallows, to free our smile,
stand with the wounded, spend mercy, satisfy the poor,
to be joy for the one we’re with and the one we’ve yet to meet.

And late in the day, at the accepted time of fine wine,
give us song, colour, incense, spring, majesty.
Give us pink moons, yellow dawns, delta blues, dance moves,
clean hands, baby’s breath, a light touch, one rare orchid,
witch-hazel balm, green witches, artful guides, guiding art,
clothes that fit, a poet’s hat, a piper’s staff,
peace, and companions for the path.



  1. Sip, oooh the wine of honest reflection when it comes to politicians is tart and causes me to shudder without the sweetener of trusted friends.

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