This poem is intended for single use only

This poem is intended for single use only and is taken entirely and only from the copy on a Starbucks cup, with sleeve. No words were omitted or wasted in the making of this poem.

Single use only

Extreme consumer,
recycled traveller,
about to drink
the milk of caution,
the careful cup.
Post solo attention
to the configuration
of related patents:
34% syrup;
10% decaf;
hot-shot product; starbucks-trash-can
pending beverage 
of foreign fibre;
cup, lid and sleeve
made for single use.
Less contents,
same custom,
the only intended
to waste
our planet
with great care.


  1. Greg, the default for a barista is to grab a paper cup. You have to ask to get coffee in a ceramic cup. There’s some ‘green’ effort though, there’s a 10 cent discount if you get it in your own tumbler or in a stay-in cup. Thanks Greg.

  2. I carry my travel mug with me everywhere including to Starbucks. We just need to work on it a little and insist. I find the baristas here (I am sitting in Starbucks) respect my choice and encourage it with a 10 cent discount.


  3. I love the way you find poetry in such everyday things. Joyce is correct about the perfect picture. And, of course, this is a reminder to us to consider our actions.

    Throughout the Superstorm-ridden areas, there were days when Starbucks or other favorite coffee haunts were not open. The stress levels were palpitable among some! Says the person who rarely drinks the stuff :*)

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