Hope Mission’s Thanksgiving Dinner–1000 people too many

Wouldn’t it be great if Hope Mission put on a Thanksgiving Dinner…and nobody came? Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had a family and a home where they could spend Thanksgiving?


The knot-in-the-stomach reality is that hundreds of our neighbours have never known that kind of loving familial gathering, or have long forgotten what that feels like.

This Thanksgiving, Hope Mission and a league of big-hearted Edmonton volunteers, will again step into the gap and prepare a home cooked meal—and create something like the feel of a home—for the hungry and homeless people in our city. As part of serving up almost 100 turkeys, with abundant trimmings, a time of dignity and hope will be offered to hurting people.

It is dignity and hope—that can come through the simple sharing of a meal—that compels men and women to consider change, to enter the Mission’s programs and seek out a new beginning.

And every day, there are stories of hope, stories of recovery, and fittingly, stories of Thanksgiving.

There’s still time to help out…

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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