‘Coldest Night of the Year’ walkathon

walkbannerRemember walkathons? Sure you do. People sponsoring you to walk a few miles in support of everything from painting the church to Girl Guide camp-outs.

Well, for all our fundraising efforts, Hope Mission has never done a walkathon, until now. And we’re doing it on The Coldest Night of the Year’ (which is Saturday, and so a stretch with this year’s weather).

Nevertheless, balmy or blustery, we’ll be out there walking…but not for the paint. We’re walking—with other Missions across Canada—in support of hungry, homeless and hurting people in our community. People like Arnold and Angel who visit the dumpster behind my condo and are beautiful people. 

But because I’m heading to Saskatchewan for my mom’s 90th birthday (she had me when she was 60) which is on the same day as the event, I’ll be walking the 10K a couple days before, (my goodness, that’s tomorrow) all by my lonely self. HopeMeal-walkathon

As a result the team captain’s (that’s me) morale has tanked. But there’s a way to get me back on top (which reminds me of what Delmar says to George (Baby-face) Nelson as he’s being lead to the chair at the end of O Brother, Where Art Thou…)

Anyway, if you’re interested, amused, or merely confused, click on this link. (But only if you want to. This is a soft-sell all the way.)

If you do, it will connect you to my personal fundraising page for the ‘Coldest Night of the Year’ winter walkathon—where you can tap on the sponsor me button and give securely. I know it’s secure because I sponsored myself—which was only mildly satisfying. 

Thank you either way!

P.S. If you don’t like me, there are a are bunch of delightful walkers you can sponsor.


  1. Stephen, I can’t get your links to your site for sponsorship to work…is there another way I can donate to your walk?

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