Barak Obama sued by Chris Hedges

Should the latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by Obama Dec. 31, come into effect March 3 as scheduled, civil liberties in the USA will take a “catastrophic blow.” And so perhaps it is fitting that yesterday, Martin Luther King Day, Chris Hedges filed a law suit against Barak Obama.

The supine and gutless Democratic Party, which would have feigned outrage if George W. Bush had put this into law, appears willing, once again, to grant Obama a pass. But I won’t. What he has done is unforgivable, unconstitutional and exceedingly dangerous.

Curiously, even the FBI, the CIA, the director of national intelligence, the Pentagon and the attorney general didn’t support it. They believe it may hinder their ability to investigate terrorism, “because it would be harder to win cooperation from suspects held by the military.”

But it passed anyway. And I suspect it passed because the corporations, seeing the unrest in the streets, knowing that things are about to get much worse, worrying that the Occupy movement will expand, do not trust the police to protect them. They want to be able to call in the Army. And now they can.


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