Occupy Advent 2011

Last Wednesday, we were a small group huddled against a sharp wind. Advent wreath blown about, candles going out, papers flying, sacramental wine knocked over—all reminders of the frailty of plans and projects; all reminders of our weakness and dependency, the vulnerability of hope, justice, and peace; the vulnerability of the Christmas “project”—the incarnation of Love shared. Well, all this simply made me want to go again.


The following is taken from the Occupy Advent Facebook page:

“Come participate in the only Christmas service this year that is a political action, performance piece, flash occupation, and act of worship.

Jasper Ave and 102st from 5:45-6:15 every Wednesday from now until Christmas.

The backdrop of a previously occupied and evicted lot will serve to illustrate the current struggle between the forces of oppression and the Force of Justice and the time of our waiting for the Promise of Hope during the season of Christmas.

The short liturgical service will be officiated by Reverend Thomas Brauer, and will include a candle lighting, scripture reading, reflection, prayer, and communion.

This is an outreach event by Occupy to the Christian community of Edmonton. Occupy is an open-faith community, and this segment of that community welcomes anyone to attend and participate to whatever degree they wish.

2000 years ago, Jesus was born to a people oppressed, in exile, occupied by a foreign empire.

During the season of Advent, the month leading up to Christmas, people all over the world remember those people who waited for a Messiah with a message of hope, justice, and life for the poor and oppressed.

Today, we continue to wait for the new earth that Jesus taught about, the just and beautiful earth that will be inherited by the meek.

Occupy invites you to remember with us that change is coming and that a new world is possible in four Advent observances each Wednesday leading up to Christmas.

All people of all faiths are welcome to come and simply attend or participate in any portion of these elements to whatever degree they wish.


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