Hope for the Hungry Radiothon–Last day!

Good morning! At 5:45 AM I picked up our daily 20 liter thermos of coffee from Starbucks (From all the Radiothon volunteers who answer phones, Thank You Starbucks on 5th!). The air was still and felt warm. You could almost imagine sleeping outside with little discomfort.

But you know the cool is coming. You can pick it up on the side of your face and on hairs of your arms. The "camps" in the river hill will thin out, people who are hungry, people without homes, those with gnawing needs will keep coming to Hope Mission for food, warmth and safety.

At Hope Mission we care for, feed and shelter, on average, close to 500 people each day and night. And when we’re full, and it’s cold out, we make more room, fill the halls if we have to. No one is turned away.

545_hopemissionKhazma Asiff, from 630 CHED, wanted to help out the Radiothon by experiencing homelessness. Well, as much as one can experience in a day and a night. She picked bottles during the day and slept on a mat in Hope’s emergency shelter last night.

I talked to her this morning, and while she didn’t get much sleep, she was beaming about the sleepingmatspeople at Hope Mission who helped her.

Of course many of the Mission’s employees are people who were once on the street themselves, struggling with addictions and using Hope Mission’s services. Now they’re here, doing the work of care and hospitality in stellar and compassionate fashion. And many more have moved on, back in community, working or studying, or training for a trade.

Last year we celebrated with over 100 men and women who graduated our recovery programs and are going on with hope.

Donate to Hope Mission’s Radiothon here. Thank You!

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