Robin’s song no jingle

What is a political campaign compared to the song of a robin? Where’s the artifice in her notes? Where the stratagem? The banalities of the election-trail’s campaign slogan-songs evaporate in splendid relief of three quick notes.

am_robinI hear her song in the middle of the city and I am lifted away. Finally a song that can’t be used alongside a video montage of: a day in the life of your leader. Finally, an anti-jingle. The robin’s song is beyond purchase, but for the unconscious purchase it has upon my mind.

Of what utility is the her song? …Or, could it be used as a backdrop? The scene: leader in khaki strolling a path in the Gatineau Hills. The roar of the generator on the flat-bed truck to get the lighting right removed, the song layered back in. See, here, our leader, friend of nature, a champion of conservation.

Or could the song be slowed, its shrill edges softened just enough to be used to setup our leader in a compassionate scene? For a good charity-clip makes for a thousand speeches.

An animal rights message is easy here; but what if your not exactly in favour of that? With proper processing the song could be bedded with a more sentimental tune. And with the proper staging, say, our leader in a white hardhat in front of nearly complete habitat for humanity house, chatting with the new owners, the robin’s refrain superimposed upon our saccharine ditty, the overall effect philanthropically satisfying; with the bonus message implanted subcutaneously: this leader, avian friend, friend of fauna, despite the contrary evidence.

To do more, we will need to leave nature. Intentionality is key. Our leader will have to be vigilant, wholly conscious of every opportunity to do good where there are cameras. Right hand knowing what left hand is about. He must pay scant attention to the nagging of his soul as it starves for lack of food and water. Instead, be covered serving meals at a shelter. Be taped with children, reading, fawning, making craft, oohing and aahing. Be televised with the old, but disallow their questions–substitute them with the three questions that were circulated ahead of the event.

Forgive my branching off. To our robin:

The robin’s right wing, after all knows what her left wing is about. Although we might discern that the robin herself is without self-consciousness. The robin’s lack here, her na├»ve desire to be only what she is, her lack of strategy, just her awareness, her hereness, her song, gives the thumb in the eye to all the pandering.

Is it us? Have we sold our songs and souls? Do we cause our leaders to pimp and scratch our itch? Do we seed that foul air? If not, why is it that those candidates who have no chance of victory are the only ones who dare ring out a truer song? Wondering.

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