Reviresco Thanks You!

One more thank you, to poets, musicians, creators and organizers. Thank you to Wee Book Inn on Whyte. Most of all, thank you to everyone who came out. For what is anything, if it’s not shared?

Here’s a slip of a poem written for Reviresco.

This Leaf

Leaf knows its time.
In fall, it drinks
with withering grass,
the torpid resin,
of abeyance.

With stipule, stomata,
wizened and wound,
enfolded, it enters,
encrypted shroud.

Time knows the leaf.
In spring, it aims
a dart of love
at honeyed glands.

Through glowing breach,
the nectar’s release,
like a clarion call,
in a dewy dance hall.

The bud-scale breakdown,
the two-petal push,
bright tip splits the light,
of vernal sun,
and venal night.

Folium unfurls,
a pirouette of green,
time, leaf,
the original dream.

     Reviresco Postcard(sm)

Thank you again Kelly Shepherd and Laurie MacFayden!

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