Elizabeth May and democratic decency

SIDNEY, BC – The Federal Court of Appeal today rejected the Green Party’s application to have its case heard prior to the national leaders’ debates. The Greens argue that excluding leader Elizabeth May from the televised leader debates in the election is contrary to the Charter.

I’m not sure if this is a Charter issue, but it is it an issue of common democratic decency. True, the Green’s do not hold a seat in Parliament, but 1 out of every 10 people voted Green in the last election.

One other thing: the Green Party is running candidates in 308 ridings across the country, yet they are excluded by the consortium of five television executives, that somehow get to make the call. However, included in the debate is a party that can never form government as it runs in only one province. Grim forces at work.

Link to information and petition:

Demand democratic debates!


  1. I fully agree that she ought to be included in the debate.

    However, she can’t be running candidates in “over” 308 ridings because that’s how many there are. I think actually they will come short of having candidates in every riding.

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