Farewell February

As a tribute to February, both its weight and speckled joy, here’s a new poem (and picture) from my West Coast poet friend Wendy Morton.

February sun


The full moon. A bitter wind.
I’m making yam-almond soup:
cumin from Rajasthan,
cinnamon from Zanzibar,
yams from San Juan Bastista,
almonds from Valencia.
Suddenly, the February sun sweeps
into the kitchen and I am stirring
the world’s soup, forgetting sorrow;
imagining that outside, the crocuses bloom.


  1. What a beautiful poem Wendy has offered us here! And how food has the ability to overcome all “differences” and refocus us on life, the early blooming of crocuses…

  2. I love all the assonance in this poem. One of Wendy’s gifts is her attention to rhythm, rhyme and repetition. The 3 Rs we all love in poetry and then that dramatic ending and the photograph. What a way to start this March morning. I was just outside listening to the birds’ three Rs: romance, ritual, ripeness. Thanks Wendy for always keeping our ears tuned.

  3. how nice to know
    that February
    is something purely
    Niels Mogens Bodecker (1922 – 1988)

    Thanks Wendy for a bit of sunshine into a month with more than enough sorrow for all of us.

  4. I love this poem. While the world is spinning in news of bloody revolutions, Wendy reminds us of the miracle of our everyday world, how close and delicious it is. It’s the world that we’re priviledged to share. If only we all ate together more often, maybe we’d be a more peaceful planet.
    thanks Wendy,

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