International Day of Nonviolence – Gandhi’s Birthday

One hundred and forty one years ago today Mahatma Gandhi was born. Marking his birth, the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution of 15 June 2007, created the International Day of Non-Violence. According to the resolution, the anniversary is an occasion to "disseminate the message of nonviolence, through education and public awareness".

We are told that Governments and NGOs mark the day by promoting these principles through meetings, seminars, exhibitions and public lectures.

How hollow it all seems. Gandhi’s own homeland is now the second largest importer of weapons. And who do they rely on for the majority of their military “needs”? No surprise, the USA. In the mean time China is busy supplying Pakistan weapons. And Israel, according to the BBC, has sold USA donated military hardware and technology to China. Over the past few years Israel has become a top exporter of military weapons, but you’d think they’d stick to exporting their own manufactured weapons. Of course the US is still their biggest customer. It’s a shell game.

The U.S., Russia, and Germany supply about half the worlds arms exports (50 billion worth). Canada gets in the game as well by selling to Israel, as does Sweden who supplies Saudi Arabia. It’s the biggest business around…ensuring peace through violence.

Happy Birthday Mahatma.


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